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We started BabaNonna in 2011 with the idea that we were going to specialize in homemade artisan Slovak and Italian specialties, focusing on nut and fruit kiffles, rolls and Italian wine cookies. All of our baked goods are made from scratch and are hand-rolled and hand-filled the old-fashioned way, just like we were taught growing up with our Slovak grandmothers who referred to kiffles as kolacky. Our kiffle and roll recipe was handed down by Margo’s grandmother (Baba). We have since added the Italian wine cookies that have been in Tom’s family for generations.


We bake traditional fillings for kiffles and rolls. In addition, we also do some non-traditional fillings.  The non-traditional fillings are Coconut, Nutella, Peanut Butter with Dark Belgium Chocolate, and Coconut with Dark Belgium Chocolate.


As owners, we are hands-on in the full process, from baking, packaging, marketing, attending shows, etc. We often hear people comment “this reminds me of what my mother (or grandmother) used to make”.  We hope that you and your family will enjoy our baked goods.

Our Story

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