Welcome to BabaNonna Kiffles!
Fresh Baked Goodness right here in the Lehigh Valley!

It all started in my Baba's Kitchen and was passed down to my mom, then me. BabaNonna's fruit and nut Kiffles are freshly baked from scratch with home-baked goodness using 100% great quality real butter. They are bursting with flavor and freshness and are full of true authentic flavors, which make these Kiffles above the ordinary. The English Walnuts are freshly ground and the Apricot butter has bits of apricot and takes you back to happy childhood memories. Many people love our European Raspberry filling, which is seedless. Lekvar, also known as Prune butter, is a traditional Lekvar. We also have other traditional flavors like Poppyseed. What makes BabaNonna so unique is that you can enjoy our other flavors such Creamy Nutella and Delicious Coconut, which is a shredded coconut in a cream base. For the Chocolate lovers we have Coconut and Chocolate. It's love at first bite!. Peanut Butter and Chocolate is America's favorite combination! Along with other seasonal flavors, our Kiffles are dangerously delightful! Whether you want traditional Kiffles that taste 'Just like Mom's', or want to try something new and unique, BabaNonna Kiffles are truly memorable bites of scrumptious goodness made right here in our Lehigh Valley Kitchen!

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! We want to make the Kiffles for your Wedding, Shower or AnniversaryYou can also have them made just to show your love. We have added a new twist on our delicious Kiffles. These are made with either European Raspberry or Apricot butter in the center, but our dough is still the same delicious recipe. Please call our store to enjoy these Magnificent SweetHeart Kiffles for you next special event.

What makes our Kolachi (rolls) so delicious is that we do not skimp on our high quality filling! The Walnuts are fresh ground California English Walnuts. The Lekvar (prune-butter) is a traditional Lekvar, and the Apricot Butter is bits of Apricot. The poppyseed is one of our most popular rolls. These rolls make every bite a slice of Heaven.

Oh so buttery and oh so thin. So thin that we cannot ship. We've tried but crumbs is what you'll get. So if you are near our store, we have shapes and colored sugars to go with your theme, whether it is a wedding, baby shower, birthday or beach party. We sell our cut-outs in our store for all holidays. They will leave a lasting impression!